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Galvanized Iron Wire

Metal Wire Series


Galvanized Iron wire (G I Wire) is as high-quality carbon structural steel drawing, and then by the galvanized (Electro-galvanized or hot-dip galvanizing) formed.

Physical Properties: galvanized steel wire surface smooth, bright and clean, there is no crack, the festival, from the thorn injuries and rust, zinc coating uniformity, strong adhesion, corrosion resistance and lasting strength, excellent toughness and elasticity. Tensile strength should be between 900Mpa-2200Mpa.

Uses: mainly used for cultivation in greenhouses, farms, cotton packing, springs ,wire rope manufacturing , construction industries, making mesh and fencing wire.

Electro Galvanized Iron Wire

Hot-dip Galvanized Iron Wire

Galvanized Iron wire is available at diameter ranging from 0.14mm to 5.0mm which can be supplied in the form of coils, spools, U type wire or straightened and cut into tie wire.

Characteristic: Galvanized Iron Wire usually goes through standard processes under careful control from steel rod coil, wire drawing, annealing, rust removing, acid washing, boiling, drying, zinc feeding to wire coiling.Wire Diameter of Galvanized Iron Wire: 0.14mm - 5.0mm.Zinc coating for Electro Galvanized Iron Wire: about 8gram -20gram. Zinc coating for Hot-dipped Galvanized Iron Wire is about 30gram - 290gram