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PVC Coated GI Wire

Metal Wire Series


With choice galvanized iron wire as material, we offers good quality PVC coated iron wire for our customers. PVC coated iron wire offers excellent corrosion resistance and anti-aging property and longer service life compared with common galvanized iron wire. Different colors available for customers choice is another benefit of PVC coated wire.

PVC coated Iron wire:
Specification 1.2mm-3.0mm/4.0mm
Tensile strength: 40kg-60kg/mm2
Weight/Coil 10kg-100kg/coil
Packing plastic inside and hessian woven outside,and nylon woven outside
Core Wire type:
Hot-dip galvanized wire
Electro galvanized wire
Coating type:PVC, PE (on request)
Coating Color: green, black, white, grey and etc on request.
Tensile Strength:350 N/MM2 - 550 N/MM2 (SOFT)
Elongation: 8% - 15%
Producing process:
Wire Rod - Drawn Wire - Annealed - Acid Washing - Galvanized - Coating - Wire Coiling